Who are we?


 1. General information

The Society has been founded October 29, 2003. It was registered at  the RF  Ministry of Justice December 15, 2003.   In 2004  the Society has been awarded the name of the outstanding Russian scientist Yuri Ovtchinnikov. As for  1, January  2009 the Society  counts 3025 members  and has 57 regional subsidiaries  in 57 Russian Federation subjects. The President and Chairman of the Central Society Board is  Prof. R. Vasilov, the Chairman of the Board of Guardians  O. Morozov

2. The goal of the Society

The goal of the Society is  the development of biotechnology and science based bioeconomy in the Russian Federation.2& Activity (2003-2015)

The National Program  “Biotechnology development in the Russian Federation in 2006-2015 “ has been elaborated. Basing on the National Program  the biotechnology development program in Tchuvash Republik has been elaborated  and implemented,  biotechnology development programs in Kirov, Saratov, Tomsk, Kaliningrad regions, Krasnodar and Primorsk   krays  are being prepared.  A couple of topical  target projects  of the Program is currently  implemented : the National scientific and educational biotechnology Center (Moscow), the biotechnology complex “Bioran” (Putchshino). In 2009  the OBR has developed the program “ Biotechnology strategy development in the Russian Federation”, in 2010- 2011  it has energetically participated  at elaborating  the “BIO-2020” –the biotechnology development program in the Russian Federation until 2020 .

The OBR supports the Information analytical center for medical and sociological  problems, the international business-school in bioeconomics, edits  a scientific-educational  “Bulletin of biotechnology and physical-chemical biology” .

The OBR takes part  at the activity of national technologic  platforms in the frame  of Russia-EC cooperation, it belongs to one of the  Russian technological platforms “BioTech-2030” and “Bioenergy” establishers. Since 2011, the OBR together with  ZAO “Strategy Partners Group”  is actively developing road maps in such domains of biotechnology as biopharmaceutic  and biofuel.

To  actively involve branch specialists in the OBR activity, to accumulate  the best Russian biotechnologies , to effectively implement the projects in  interregional and international  biotechnology development programs  the OBR  signed cooperation agreements  with the Russian Academy of sciences , with governments of Kirov, Kaliningrad, Tomsk regions, Karelia  and Tchuvash republics , with several  local and foreign  scientific centers and companies.

Currently,  OBR  is active in working out several   commercial projects in the fields of biopharmaceutics and biomedicine, food biotechnology, bioenergetics,  ecology. At the same time it becomes evident  that Russia  possesses a vast potential   in biotechnological industry and enterprise which has not been implemented yet. Being aware of the problem the OBR is developing a regional net of bioclasters and  building up bioregions.

The OBR organized over 60 events on the federal, regional and international levels including 8 congresses,  7 “round tables” and Parliament hearings in the State Duma. 20 fundamental works  on biotechnology have been published. Since 2005 the  “ Yu. Ovtchinnikov Bulletin  of biotechnology and physical and chemical biology” is released. The journal is included in the VAK  commented list of magazines. Since 2005 the young scientist contest is carried out with the winner being awarded Yu.A. Ovtchinnikov medal.  The society  is working in close contact with the State Duma of RF , profile ministries and  authority organs.

Since 2008  the OBR  conducts  “EurasiaBIO”  International  Congress- Partnering-Exhibition  on biotechnology and bioenergy. To realize   scientific and professional communications the  OBR has created  profile sections addressing  the principle  scientific and practical  fields. Besides,  target and expert groups  to tackle  actual problems have been called into being.

The membership at OBR is  free-of–charge for physical persons.

3. Organization structure

The organizing  activity of  the OBR is accomplished through regional affiliates closely cooperating with the Central Board and sections (expert groups).

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