Y.A. Ovchinnnikov

Jury Ovtchinnikov was  born in MoscowAugust,2, 1934, he  died February ,17, 1988.

In 1957  Jury Ovtchinnikov  graduated from the Moscow Lomonosov University.

Since  1963  -director  of the Institute of natural compositions chemistry (now M. Shemyakin and Yu. Ovtchinnikov Institute  of bioorganic chemistry) He. Was Professor of Lomonosov University, head of the bioorganic chemistry chair, head of the protein chemistry  lab at the  Protein Institute of the Academy of Sciences, vice-president  of the Academy.

Jury Ovtchinnikov is  the world renowned scientist in the field  of bioorganic chemistry, the author of over 500 works published  in Russian and international magazines.

The scope of his scientific interests encompasses  physical and chemical bases of biological membranes activity.  He was the pioneer in studying matters which regulate ions flow through  membranes. His works  have actually initiated   the research in the new field of membrane biology..

Jury Ovtchninnikov was one of the first in this country who  recognized the genetic engineering methods perspectives  in microbiological synthesis of important proteins . As the result of these scientific efforts the   human interferon was created , becoming the first product of the Soviet  gene biotechnology used in practical medicine.

Jury Ovtchinnikov was also  a brilliant scientific organizer and undisputed leader of the Soviet physical-chemical biology and biotechnology.

He conducted also a vast pedagogical activity  founding at the Moscow University  the chair if bioorganic chemistry and thus initiating the process of rising the generation of bioorganic chemists in the country.

            The achievements of Jury Ovtchinnikov have found a wide world recognition, has was elected member of “Leopoldina” Academy in Germany, member of Bulgarian , Chechoslovac, Hungarian, Indian, Swedish , Spanish  Academies of sciences,  member of numerous scientific societies. In 1984-86 Jury Ovtchinnikov was  president-elect  of the Federation of European biochemical societies.

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