California launching biofuel of carbon dioxide

Californian company JouleBio   has launched  the SolarConverter which makes it possible to produce the biofuel of  atmospheric carbon dioxide  using only the natural sun light.  The pribciple element of the device  is the broth composed of water, nutrition element s and  specific genetically modified bacteria (the information kept secret).


USA, new vaccine against AIDS

Researches from Miami University and an unnamed biotechnology company commence  January, 2010 the  tests on volunteers in order to prove  the new vaccine  for AIDS patients. The vaccine war previously tested on  small animals  more

Russia and Belorussia - mutual frontier , mutual biotechnology

  In the frame of  the mutual  Russia and Belorussia approaching  the   implementation of innovation programs in the field of nanotechnology and  biotechnology, special medical preparation stem cells is one of the key directives enabling to increase the export potential. of both countries.


Biotechnology to rescue Leningrad and Nishni Novgorod region forests

  In October 2009 it is foreseen to plant 300 thousand  seedlings of  aspen and special fields of Leningrad and Nishni Novgorod fields. These would be  transgene sorts of  trees.  Until now they have been studied  under   laboratory conditions.


Marine bioprospecting - a unique possibility for medicine and other branches

  Russian and Norvegian scientists discussed  recently  the new direction in research of the marine bioressources  called marine bioprospecting. The marine prospecting presents a rapidly growing  branch of the world science. It encompasses  such branches as search and study  of marine organisms useful for microbiology, medicine, biotechnology, gene engineering etc.


Biotechnology helps to clear polluted territories

June, 19 the  finale  of the All-Russian  competition  "Business of innovative technologies"  has taken place in Moscow. A very interesting technology  for clearing  and  restoration of infested territories has been presented by Alexey Khlynovski, the General Director  of ZAO "AMIRECO".


Uzbekistan: technology to produce bacterial phosphor-gumine fertilizers

These fertilizers  are especially useful for plants  which can consume  as much phosphorus as  a plant  needs  in each phase of its growth. In this case  the residual  phosphorus is not washed out and dissolved in water.


A remedy against leucosis

  The Russian Institute of  human  stem cells commenced together with the German biotechnological company Symbiotec the principle stage  in testing  the most advanced drug  Oncohist to treat leucosis. "Oncohist preparation  is developed on the base of the recombinant  H1  histone .


Bioreactor with horns

  7 young goats were born in Shachovskoy  district, region Moscow,  with the milk bearing the therapeutic  protein lactoferrin - the analog of  the human breast milk. Lactoferrin  is a bactericide protein protecting the newborn. Without this protein the baby  has for a first year of life until his own immune system is developed virtually no protection.


Ireland stretching the helping hand to Tchernobyl

  The Irish company Greenfield Project Management  has offered the Belorussia government  to purify  ground infested by  Tchernobyl disaster  through growing and selling materials for biofuel.


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