Journal “Yu.A. Ovchinnikov Bulletin  of Biotechnology and Physical and Chemical Biology”

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Established and published by:

ANO “Information and Analytical Center of medical and social problems” with support from the Russian Society of Biotechnologists named after Yu.A. Ovchinnikov


Address: Office 364, Bld. 33/2, Leninski Prospect, Moscow, 119071

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Chief Editor:

Vasilov Raif Gayanovich, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, President of the All-Russian Public Organization "Russian Society of Biotechnologists named after Yu.A. Ovchinnikov”

Russian Leading Expert in biotechnology, total years of service - over 40 years.

Research interests include studies of energy transformation mechanisms in living systems; structural and functional studies of proteins; immunochemistry, immunogenetics and biotechnology.

He headed Working Groups on the development of the National Programme "Development of Biotechnology in the Russian Federation for 2006-2015", Regional Programs for biotechnology development in the Republic of Tatarstan and the Chuvash Republic.

He participated in the preparation of the State "Complex Program of biotechnology development in the Russian Federation until 2020" (Program "BIO 2020") and the Roadmap for the development of biotechnology in the Russian Federation.

He is an Expert at the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for information and analytical support of decision-making in the management of R & D works.

He pays great attention to public activities, being:

- Executive Director, the President of the All-Russian Public Organization "Russian Society of Biotechnologists named after Yu.A. Ovchinnikov" (from 2003 to date);

- Coordinator of the Technology Platform "Bioenergy" (from November 2013 to date);

- Co-Chair of the Expert Council on biotechnology and pharmaceutical technology at the State Duma Committee for Science and High Technology (from 2005 to date).

He has over 140 scientific publications in leading national and international journals.

Journal Coverage Area:

The Journal has been published since 2005 and is dedicated to scientific and practical aspects of biotechnology and physical and chemical biology. This stays within the main research area developed by Academician Yu.A. Ovchinnikove, whom the Journal is named after.

Hence the Journal Coverage Area is multidisciplinary and includes the following major scientific fields:

- biotechnology,

- biochemistry,

- molecular biology,

- physical and chemical biology,

- molecular genetics,

- medical genetics,

- bioengineering,

- microbiology,

- the history of biology.

 All of these scientific fields are priority and most rapidly developing ones in the Russian Federation and abroad.


April, 11, 2005  at “Rosokhrankultura”, No FS 77-19745

Attention:  According to the decision of VAK Presidium (Supreme Certification Commission),  the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, February 19, 2010 Nr 6/6 our Journal is included  in the List of leading reviewed  scientific magazines and publications printing general results of dissertation  claiming  degrees of candidate or doctor of science.

You are asked to publish your scientific article in our Journal.

You can mail  your contribution  prepared in accordance with  the publication rules (see below) by  mail addresses : or


The latest issue of the Journal is No.1, V.11, 2015

Editorial staff

Chief Editor

Raif Vasilov , d.b.s., professor, president of Yu.A. Ovchinnikov Russian Biotechnology Society

Editorial staff

Vadim Vorobyev, c.m.s. Yu.A. Ovchinnikov Russian Biotechnology Society Central Board member

Tatyana  Gaeva, c.b.n., Deputy head  of NTK bioenergy NIZ “Kurtchastov Institute”

Sergey Matayev, d.m.s. professor, RANS member, director of  scientific Center  for  prophylactic and curative nutrition , Tyumen NZ, SO, RAS

Olga Mesenova, d.t.s., professor, International Cold Academy, head of the  nutritional biotechnology chair, Kaliningrad  State technical University

Editorial Board

Valery Bykov, d.t.s. professor, RAMS and RASA member, NPO “Vilar” General Director

Vladimir Debabov, d.b.s. RAS corr. member, RASA member, scientific head of GNC RF FGUP “GosNIIgenetika”

Sergey Degtyarev, d.b.s., professor, “SibEnzym”, Scientific/Production director

Vadim Ivanov, d.c.s., professor, RAS member, RAS Presidium member, M.M. Shemyakin, Yu.A. Ovchinnikov Institute of bioorganic chemistry, director

Lev Kalakutskiy, d.b.s, professor RAS corr.member , chief  scientific research worker of the G. Skryabin Institute for microorganisms biochemistry and physiology

Mikhail Kirpichnikov, d.b.s., professor, RAS member, dean of the biological faculty, M. Lomonosov Moscow State University

Anatoly Miroshnikov, d.c.s. RAS member, Deputy Director of M.M. Shemyakin, Yu. A . Ovchinnikov Institute of bioorganic chemistry 

Tatyana Ovchinnikova, d.c.s. head of the Methodical Scientific Centre of the M.M. Shemyakin, Yu.a. Ovchinnikov Institute of bioorganic chemistry

Alexander Panin, d.v.s. professor, RAA member, director of the All-Russian State NII for  Veterinary Preparations Control, Standardization and  Certification

Vladimir Popov, d.c.s. professor, A. Bach Institute of Biochemistry, director

Nikolaus Rayevskiy, professor of systemic  biology, scientific head of the Berlin Institute for Medical systemic biology

Anatoly Reshetilov, d.c.s. , professor, biosensors laboratory head, G. Skryabin Institute for microorganisms biochemistry and physiology

Konstantin Skryabin, d.b.s. Professor, RAS and RAA member, „Bioengineering“ Center, director

Rakhim Khaitov, d.m.n., professor, RAS and RAMS member, FMBA Russia Institute of Immunology, director

Vitaly Shvez, d.c.s. professor, RAMS member, head of biotechnology chair, M. Lomonosov MIFCT Institute

Nicilay Yankovskiy, d.b.n, professor, N. Vavilov Institute of General Genetics, director

Publication rules

  1. Manuscrips of articles and other papers are presented on paper (A4 format), or on electronic carrier (disk or E-mail) with mandatory notification.
  2. The text is composed in Microsoft Word,Times New Roman type, font size 12, line interval 1,5. Text is placed on 14 sheet with standard margins. Addiitional to the text, author data are presented (name, surname, working place, position, scientific grade, post and E-mail address, fax and telephone numbers. Accompanying paper from the working place is required.
  3. Manuscript size:- Original  paper – not more than 12-14 pages (generally, 22000 symbols without gaps), not more than 25 authors cited. Review – not more than 20-24 pages (generally, 40000 symbols without gaps), not more than 50 authors cited. 
  4. Requirements to paper composition:  4.1. Original paper UDK, author(s), p-lace of work, summary in Russian and English, key words,  introduction, materials and methods, results. Discussion, conclusion, literature, list of abbreviations. 4.2. Short notes and reviews  are composed as a compact  text, without  separate parts. Content list of literature, but no summary. 4.3. Other papers * letters to the editor, chronicle notes, review  etc. are presented  free of form. 
  5. Presentation requirements (tables, graphys, formulas, pictures, drawings etc.):Pictures are attached to text separately and presented on paper or  electronically in TIF or JPEG format. Tables are introduced accorduing the text  or attached separately. Illustrations and other additional materials ( explanations, comments, gratitude etc.) are presented in standard way. 
  6. Requirements to the literature cited: list of cited  literature  is presented either in alphabetic  order (first – articles in Russian, than - in  foreign languages) or using appropriate figures  according the course of the mentioning or notes in the text. The number of the cites source  is given in square brackets. The  separate literature source  is presented  as generally accepted for scientific publications, inclusing international requiremenets (Index Medicus  a.s.o.). 
  7. It is not accepted to publish papers which have been published elsewhere or sent to other editors. 
  8. The editorial staff does not accept  paper not  observing the rules mentioned. 
  9. Accepted manuscripts are reviewed, following reviewing it is finally decided on the possibility to   publish the paper. Rejected manuiscripts are not returned 
  10. The editorial staff bears no responsibility for authenticity of facts, conclusions and opinions presented in the article. 
  11. The editorial staff is entitled  to perform scientific and literary corrections and to reduce the paper’s volume. 
  12. The address of  editorial board is presented on the front page.
  13. The publication is free of charge. 
  14. The authors are not paid. The editorial staff  reserves 1 copy of the journal for the author.  If separate journal issues are required  one have to address the editor.


Journal “Yu.A. Ovchinnikov Bulletin of Biotechnology  and Physical-Chemical Biology”

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