Biological versus natural

An interview with the director of  the  Global Food Stuff Problems Center  Hadson Every

Mr. Every  published  of the  book “Organic food – the truth about “  raising doubt that  “organic products” are especially  healthy. He refers to a study conducted in Denmark.  The study estimates that if the entire agriculture  in the country would transfer to organic standards  the production will drop by 47%. The organic  economy is less efficient. Only  dung is allowed to  be applied as fertilizer. It means that the lion’s share of  surfaces used  presently  for human needs would be turned to pasture. The area to raise crop  would be cut by 30%, potato – by 70%.  The pasture territory would contrary grow by 160%. Cow would  feed on matters  which are destined for people.

In order to substitute all nitrogen fertilizers  used in the world  by  dung we would need  6 billion cows instead of 1.6 billion  which is the stock of day. To turn only 40%  of agriculture to organic norms  the mankind would  have to cut  the  entire forest on the planet and turn Earth to one  gigantic farm.  And a farm, we must remind the nature lovers,  is a quite unnatural thing.

Many studies revealed  that organic products contain  harmful matters and the organic production  causes damage  to the nature. We must remember  that the organic economy applies a very  restricted number of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, for instance the copper sulfate – the only pesticide permitted in the organic agriculture. But this pesticide is very  toxic , 3 times more than   “inorganic” captan or piraclostrobin.

Organic farms use also pyrethrin - the aster extract. The use sulfur to  fight insects . All these matters are less effective than  modern chemicals,  therefore  they have to be applied more often and  in larger quantities . Considering the concentration, volume and frequency of application  they  do 3-10 times  more harm than  a regular  economy.

Admitted, the agricultural chemicals  have a bad reputation. Most people believe  that artificial fertilizers and chemicals  has been actively introduced since World War Second.

Actually, that is false.  Introduction of chemicals into agriculture has commenced  since  80-ties of XIX century. That was a real hell ! The field were treated by nicotine  which is very poisonous for human. A walk through the field within 5-6 hours after nicotine  treatment  would endanger your life.

Since then  the agricultural chemistry made an enormous progress. The people are not aware  how negligibly small are concentration used in the modern agriculture.

The mankind never disposes of such methods of food products analysis, the food was never so harmless as now.

The  common belief is  that intoxications are  caused by milk, meat, eggs. That is not true. The lion.s share of intoxications relate with vegetables  consumption. The principle difference lays in the fact that milk, meat and eggs are thermically treated, the vegetables are consumed raw. The pasteurized milk is much more safe as unpasteurized one. Many kids get intoxicated from unpasteurized milk consumption because  their parents  believe those milk to be  more healthy.

Speaking aboit cow dung we have to keep in mind that  is the natural reservoir for pathogen microorganisms. Researches of  Minnesota university  have revealed that  the probability to catch salmonella  raised on an organic field is 3-5 times higher than  by consuming regular vegetables. All cows  are natural bearer of E. coli.0157.

The people are not acquainted with the history of the farm economy.. Our grandfathers and grandmothers  dies from insufficient nourishment and body weakness.

Young men  drafted to army in WWII were real dystrophics.

And they were farmers’ sons !

Every believes that in some 10-15 years the paranoia against biochemical cultures  will be get rid of.

“Expert”  magazin, Nr  38, 2009

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