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The Russian Biotechnology Organization created THE NATIONAL PROGRAM ON DEVELOPMENT OF BIOTECHNOLOGY IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION FOR 2006-2015 (Based on State-private-partnership).

The National program has been developed by the Work group according to the Resolution of the Second Congress of the Russian Biotechnology Organization as of October 15, 2004.

The Program was developed by the governing bodies and experts of the Russian Biotechnology Organization, the Union of Biotechnological Enterprises, the Information-Analytical Center of Medical and Social Problems.


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VASILOV R.G. - President of the Russian Biotechnology Organization, professor, PhD in Biology (head)

VOROBYOV V.S. - member of the Central Board of  the Russian Biotechnology Organization, PhD in Medicine (secretary)

ALEKSEYEV L.P. - Deputy Director of the SSC of Immunology, professor, PhD in Medicine

BORISENKO Y.G. - Professor, Moscow Institute of Food Biotechnology, PhD in Technology

DEBABOV V.G. - Director, state SRI Genetics, corresponding member of RAS, academician of RAAS, PhD in Biology

ZVEREV V.V. - Director, SRI of virus preparations, RAMS, PhD in Medicine

IVANENKO A.I. - co-chairman, board of Directors of the Union of Biotechnological Enerprises, chairman of the Board of Directors, "Vostok" PLC, candidate of Economic science

The development of the Program was supported by the State Duma of the RF, the General Board of the party "Yedinaya Rossiya", Ministry of Health and Social development of the RF, Ministry of Education and Science of the RF, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, a number of RAS establishments (M.M. Shemyakin and Y.A. Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, RAS, RAS Scientific Center, Puschino ), profile organizations of a number of ministries and departments (SSC of Immunology,State SRI Genetics, SRI of Microbiology ME RF), non-state structures.

The Program was developed according to the federal and regional legislation in the area discussed, statutory acts and target programmes in the area of Medicine, Biology and Biotechnology on the whole, the data from Goskomstat of Russia, the projects of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, foreign sources (projects, agreements, digests). Large amounts of factual  material came from the regional departments of the Russian Y.A. Ovchinnikov Society of Biotechnologists. The databases of the leading Russian state and non-state organizations have also been used. The foreign experience of implementing target programs of biotechnology development has been taken into consideration.

The project of the concept, structure and tools of implementing the Program was discussed and approved by the Round Table of the Committee for Industry, Building and High technologies of the RF State Duma on February 8 2005. The draft of the Program was approved by the Expert Council for Biotechnology of the Committee for Industry, Building and High technologies of the RF State Duma (Protocol no. 3 as of October 11, 2005), supported by the Union of Biotechnology Enterprises (The General Meeting Decision as of June 29, 2005).

The Program was accepted by the Third Congress of the Russian Y.A. Ovchinnikov Society of Biotechnologists on October 27, 2005. 


1. The contents of the problem and the substantiation of the need to solve it by means of a program approach 
2. Basic aims, targets and stages of the Program implementation. 
3. The system of program activities (a list of projects and basic activities) 
4. Program resources 
5. Implementation of the Program and control of its implementation 
6. Expected results and estimation of social-economic efficiency of the Program 
7. Appendices 
8. Explanatory note 

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